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Dogs have different wool and different temperament. This affects grooming procedures selection and frequency. The intensity of care also depends on weather conditions.

Regular haircut daily brushing and brushing help to maintain appearance and stimulate blood circulation. In addition, pet cleansing, bathing is required. Most dogs love this procedure in warm season, if possible, swim in open water. Dogs washed on average once a month with special products.

All our experts are professionals. We have all supporting documents and certificates.
We use only ultra modern equipment.
Cosmetics used only premium class. That is important for your four-legged friends care.
Location. Not far from subway and there is special parking for cars.
In our boutique a lot of interesting and necessary goods in various price categories are presented. In addition, we constantly carry out discounts, as well as additional bonuses for regular customers.
If you don`t have time to pick up your faithful friend, we have a taxi service specially for pets.
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Frequent water procedures, dirty weather adversely affect fur quality. There are wonderful folk remedies that help strengthen it, make it softer and brilliant. Among such remedies, for example, citric acid.

For all its uniqueness and versatility, cosmetic technologies have gone far ahead and offer rich arsenal of effective products. This is especially true for pets owners applying for prizes in competitions.

An effective set of procedures for fur care is offered by highly qualified specialist. Today, most of these valuable professionals work in prestigious dogs spa. Salon specialists offer to wash dog, create an ideal external image, they select procedures that strengthen general pet well-being. Perfect fur is result of healthy skin and dogs inner condition.


In megalopolis, pet has especially few opportunities to spend time in nature in accordance with his instincts. Dog needs to lie in grass, dust, swim. All this has special massage effect. The need for dogs spa Moscow is dictated by nature itself. Here, pets get, what they lack in apartment, house or on walk in city park: wrapping with clay and other masks, hydromassage, ozonation.

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Moscow, Kutuzovsky ave., 27
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Frunzenskaya naberezhnaya, 2/1
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