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Grooming saloon for cats and dogs “Monica”
Grooming saloon for cats and dogs “Monica”

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Introduction with your extraordinary four-legged FAVORITES is always pleasure for us! Our specialized beauty saloon for animals “Monica” friendly opens door for pets, accompanied by their attentive owners.
All services focused on care, attention, health and confidence of cats and dogs, loved by you:
  • All-inclusive SPA care for hair and claws;
  • Important hygiene procedures;
  • Creative, stylish haircuts and trimming;
  • !!! Ozone therapy;
  • Vaccination and the most careful, useful care.

In our boutique

We didn`t limit possibilities of salon grooming services (york, terrier, spitz, any species of dogs and cats). While we are engaged in immediate beauty and purity of your pets, you can make awesome purchases in Monica boutique:
  • Exclusive outfits for weekdays and holidays;
  • Author’s luxury accessories;
  • Beds, cabins, carryings;
  • Cosmetic and therapeutic agents;
  • Anything that brings joy to you and your friend.

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Moscow, Kutuzovsky ave., 27
"Monica" on Kutuzovsky
Frunzenskaya naberezhnaya, 2/1
"Monica" on Frunzenskaya
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