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Cats are very clean pets. We all observe with affection when they wash in morning, while doing fine on their own. However, this isn`t enough for full pet health. Cat hygiene should include professional care and various procedural measures.

Studio Monica is the most popular grooming saloon for cat care and hygiene in Moscow. We offer a whole range of cosmetic, sanitary and hygienic procedures to maintain health and beauty of our fur visitors.

All our experts are professionals. We have all supporting documents and certificates.
We use only ultra modern equipment.
Cosmetics used only premium class. That is important for your four-legged friends care.
Location. Not far from subway and there is special parking for cars.
In our boutique a lot of interesting and necessary goods in various price categories are presented. In addition, we constantly carry out discounts, as well as additional bonuses for regular customers.
If you don`t have time to pick up your faithful friend, we have a taxi service specially for pets.
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Much attention in our grooming salon we pay to bathing pet. As you know, cats aren`t happy with water procedures, so pet psycho-emotional readiness is the first task of our specialist. 

For cats bathing, our employees use special means to protect eyes, ears, sprays and shampoos of premium class from leading manufacturers. During procedure, clear temperature regime is observed, species, fur length and other physical features are taken into account.

One of important stages of cats hygiene is drying. Fur gently dried by using special hair dryers or warm towels. Drying and combing fur is carried out with help of modern equipment, and our customers only purr with pleasure. 

To improve fur quality, conditioning is carried out, oils, masks are applied, which penetrate into fabric, return fur healthy glow.

Pleasant hydromassage and ozone therapy will be suitable for pet problem skin.

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Moscow, Kutuzovsky ave., 27
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Frunzenskaya naberezhnaya, 2/1
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