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Making cat haircut is probably the most requested service in our saloon. But each client makes out his personal motives: some owners want their pet to look attractive, others prepare pussy for exhibition or competition, and some people believe that cat's fur is disturbing, and therefore shears it regularly. Our salon employs only qualified personnel, who can perform professional cats grooming and find common language with impatient clients.
All our experts are professionals. We have all supporting documents and certificates.
We use only ultra modern equipment.
Cosmetics used only premium class. That is important for your four-legged friends care.
Location. Not far from subway and there is special parking for cars.
In our boutique a lot of interesting and necessary goods in various price categories are presented. In addition, we constantly carry out discounts, as well as additional bonuses for regular customers.
If you don`t have time to pick up your faithful friend, we have a taxi service specially for pets.
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The reasons why owners make pet haircuts are different. But the most popular are the following:

  • bad ecology, because of what regularly falls out fur shred, and dirt accumulates on it, which pet catches during walk;
  • pet sheds;
  • lack of time for pet care.
  • combing and grooming mats in cats, formed due to excessive fur.
In some cases, cats haircut prescribed by veterinarians especially for long-haired cats, as excessive hair can cause health problems. If a lot of fur is secreted, it can get into pet's stomach and provoke regular vomiting. Yes, and fluffy pet owner is unlikely to like it if cat's hair is scattered everywhere in house. If there are children in house where pet lives, then haircut is simply necessary, since newborns are often allergic to the fur of such harmless creatures.

Duration of such procedure in our saloon takes from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on complexity of order. If you just need to make cat haircut without patterns, coloring and exclusive hair, it takes only 20-30 minutes, and for British and Scottish cats grooming takes from 30 to 40 minutes. But, creative cats haircuts and trimming performed longer. Frequency of these procedures depends on species and how fast fur grows, but on average it is necessary to make haircut three times a year. In order to reduce number of trips to saloon, you must regularly comb a cat.

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Moscow, Kutuzovsky ave., 27
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Frunzenskaya naberezhnaya, 2/1
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