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Many owners want their pets to look stylish, original and attract enthusiastic attention of others. Recently, very fashionable trend of dogs coloring in various tones, using funny scenes, patterns and drawings appeared. Often it is used before exhibitions, holidays, events.
In addition to aesthetic component, dogs coloring can carry practical purpose. Painting can hide some flaws, repaint certain parts of animal body, which are most often contaminated and require constant washing and care.

All our experts are professionals. We have all supporting documents and certificates.
We use only ultra modern equipment.
Cosmetics used only premium class. That is important for your four-legged friends care.
Location. Not far from subway and there is special parking for cars.
In our boutique a lot of interesting and necessary goods in various price categories are presented. In addition, we constantly carry out discounts, as well as additional bonuses for regular customers.
If you don`t have time to pick up your faithful friend, we have a taxi service specially for pets.
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Another reason for colouring is age of four-legged friend. It is no secret that with time pets hair dims, loses its natural luster. Crazy Liberty colours, which we use to colour dogs hair, perfectly replenish lost brightness, restore hair structure with help of natural ingredients and plant extracts.


In Monica saloon one of popular trends is dogs creative coloring, which allows you to create unique style, emphasize individuality of your tailed dandy. It can be cute, spectacular images (for example, like panda or tiger) or small touches and fun details (such as multi-colored paws, ears, rainbow tails). Even most extravagant decisions can be done by our groomers.


All dog coloring services in Moscow in our grooming saloon are carried out with special Crazy Liberty colors, which are completely safe for people and animals. After three months, colour can be washed off with water and shampoo. There are also temporary, easily washable colors that are applied using an airbrush and variety of stencils.

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Moscow, Kutuzovsky ave., 27
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Frunzenskaya naberezhnaya, 2/1
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