Despite the fact that cats are almost always at home and don`t go outside, it is impossible to completely exclude the possibility to get any dangerous infection, since they are passed in majority quite simple. Fluffy feline pets are vaccinated from:

• Rabies rhinotracheitis
• Microsporia
• Calicivirosis
• Chlamydia
• Panleukopenia.

These diseases are always easier to prevent than to cure, thereby avoiding negative effects on health of your beloved pet. These vaccinations are given, as well as in dogs, once a year.


As an owner, you can help in creating long-lasting and high-quality immunity for your pet, as well as minimize risk of side effects from vaccination. To do this, follow few simple rules:

• 10 days prior to pet vaccination, to carry out planned elimination of parasites (de-worming). According to studies, in cats and dogs bodies, suffering from parasitic invasion, number of white blood cells responsible for immunity decreases. It is also not recommended to carry out treatment immediately before procedure, since antihelminthics are in some extent immunosuppressives;
• In two or three weeks abandon the use of antibiotics, hormonal and other means, that can neutralize antigens, contained in preparations for vaccination;
• Protect pet from severe stress - long journeys, sudden overheating or overcooling, changes in usual living conditions;
• Pet must be absolutely healthy.


• Don`t change pet diet during preparation and after vaccination, it can cause allergic reaction

• After vaccination, slight deterioration of pet's condition is possible (moderate temperature increase, drowsiness, swelling at injection place, appetite deterioration)

• For 10 days after vaccination, pet needs rest and sound sleep, as well as a possible diet prescribed by veterinarian.


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